Addicted and broken…

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noun: addiction; plural noun: addictions
the fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance or activity.

So thats it then… point me towards that circle of like minded abusers and I will stand before them and utter that phrase synonymous with the affliction…

I’m writing this from my bedroom today as I half lay, half sit, propped up in bed shivering from the pain and subsequent pain relief of a slipped disc. It is the most excruciating thing to deal with, impacted by the utterly beautiful and near perfect flying weather this week and having to cancel not one but TWO double lessons at GoFlyUK.

I never thought I would become so deeply gripped by any activity but recently I find myself doing things (or not doing things) that I never thought I would do, moreover I find myself missing them more than I ever thought I could or even should. I try to take a daily bike ride for example… eat certain healthy foods and of course, take flying lessons. When I started this journey I thought it would be a really cool thing to do, I had not considered the amount of work, the time and effort it would take and I have never really dedicated vast amounts of time to any activity, I have a shed full of unused, virtually pristine equipment, from roller blades to ice skates and even somewhere a kayak I have dropped all of them as soon as I have picked them up. but this flying lark, this scary, exciting, enthralling, terrifying, thrilling, incredible, life changing hobby has gotten hold of me and its grip tightens every time I go up… I can’t get enough of it!

Laying here, I find myself surrounded by things I could be doing, things I should be doing, things my current situation will not allow me to do and I keep coming back to the almost selfish resolve that I just want to be in the air, sod everything else, I want to be learning more, doing more and becoming a better pilot. I miss the buzz, the thrill and the fear (don’t kid yourself, its scary as hell at first and I think, well, hope that’s a good thing). I miss the people at the GoFly flying school, I miss the other students, the atmosphere, the support, encouragement and the badinage.

I can at least get some reading in, which is really helping me sleep… Navigation is my current bedtime book. Before I was broken though, I DID manage to get a bit more circuit time (which was crazy busy as the weather was so good) and another exam into my second sitting. Meteorology. I aced it. With only 3 exams left to go (the big ones) I’m getting closer to my goal and its a nervy but brilliant feeling.

For now though, join with me and the rest of the intrepid PPL and LAPL students at GoFlyUK and proudly say say “My name is XXXXX and I’m addicted to flying”.

PS – Andover Radio launched at the weekend, a new radio station serving Andover and surrounding villages, I was there on the day to host a show and had Tom Rule come on air to talk about why radio works for the flying school: