Frustrations of flightless weeks…

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Hello and Happy New Year!

The festive season is officially over and what a relief. Not that I’m sick of the joy the season brings, or the decorations, the food, drink and spending time with those you care about, but because GoFly, my flying school of choice was closed and although only 1 lesson in, I have been bitten by the bug and can’t wait to get back into the air. What was that I was told? “once you experience flight, you’ll forever walk around with your eyes skywards” – ain’t that the truth!

I have been filling my time with reading (Air Law… if the weather was as dry as this topic I would have my license already) and learning how to use the Pooleys CRP-1 flight computer. A wizard of a thing. Some clever boffins have created this mechanical tool to cover almost every eventuality and calculation when it comes to VFR and partial IFR flight. I’ll try to make some simple tutorials in time, as, if you’re anything like me, then your head is not for formulae. So far I have learned how to calculate the “actual track” and “groundspeed” – oh and here’s a tip: go and buy a 4H pencil as a standard HB won’t mark the computers plastic face clearly enough and china-markers make a mess of your fingers. If you have invested in one of these gadgets, you’ll find the instructions here: I have laminated the A6 sized pages as a handy reference tool to add to my ever increasing equipment list in my bag as you’ll see in the image above.

I also did the same laminating and key-ring trick with the Piper Warrior Checklist. The A5 booklet which is part of the aircraft manifest is a little too large to comfortably slip under your leg in flight and an utter pain when walking round the aircraft doing the A-check because its too big to slip in your pocket and putting it down just means it blows away across the field. This smaller A6 version I made for my own bag is much easier to handle, wipe clean (to get all that nasty Jet-A1 Diesel fuel off it) and pocket sized… winning.

As you know, because you will have read my previous updates, I have been suffering a feeling of intrepidation, worry and plain old “bricks in my pants” with the thought of task ahead of me but, now, having had a couple of weeks to reflect I am beginning to feel a little more confident. F.I. Capt. Mark Phillips seems confident in my abilities and listening back to a couple of things Dan Jack said, in the recent “getting to know you” podcast, if you break everything down into smaller steps then the whole thing becomes more manageable. Looking at small steps, my next are to finish reading the Air-Law book and move on to practical Lesson 2 “Climbing and Descending”. Oh and book a medical…