Week of Firsts…

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This week has been an eventful one. I have, as you will have read been (for want of a better phrase) “bricking it” over the exams required to pass the PPL course. It would seem however that I have been worrying for no reason, I took “Air Law” yesterday and, it was not as difficult […]

I can hear you…

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If there’s one thing i can’t stand, is sharing headphones. The thought that someone else’s ear juice has infected the cans is nasty, so finally, after many hours of research and speaking with many pilots, I have bought my own headset. There are so many different headsets on the market and like anything, there is […]

Stalling, A healthy outcome

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There is a misconception around the term stalling. It’s often imagined by “noflys” (a name I’m coining to describe those who either can’t fly, or have not yet begun their pilot training) to be a dramatic and dangerous occurrence, accompanied by an increasing whirring note as the aircraft plummets to the ground and for its […]

Stage fright take off…

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If you have ever been on stage, you’ll understand the feeling of stage fright, the way nerves grip your insides, how everything squirms, your heart pounds, your breath becomes shallow and you feel like you just want to close your eyes and run. You look out towards the audience from the wings and you know […]