Snow Days Suck…

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I love snow, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t enjoy a good snow day. I love how it makes familiar countryside views look even more breathtaking than normal. I love how it makes even the most tired of scenes, the most broken down of vistas look pristine and new. I love how it feels as it compresses beneath your feet, the subtle squeaky crunch, how the powder flicks into the air as you walk, how it doesn’t fail to make children of all ages smile and, through a good snow-ball fight make new friends they wouldn’t otherwise meet while their faces are buried in social media and gaming consoles. The rarity of snow here in Costa-Del Southampton means when it does come or even the prospect of an inch sets people alight with childish excitement and anticipation.

The above was true until I embarked on this journey to learn how to fly. Now, any weather that isn’t ideal for flight is frustrating. Rain is annoying, wind is a menace and snow and ice? The most evil concoction of hellish disappointment to grace the surface of the planet.

I don’t normally feel disappointment or frustration, there is very little in my life that would lead to such emotions, until now. I have found a new passion which I can’t wait to embrace, I lay awake at night going over in my head the processes, actions and results, desperately trying to memorise all of the new things I am learning to earn my PPL… I’m even drinking less! Today, for the first time ever I don’t want a snow day, I don’t want to go sledging and mess around like a kid. I don’t want the fun of using my 4×4 on roads inaccessible to anyone else, or be called upon to take friends and family to the shops. I want this evil weather to bugger off and let me get on with something exciting, something thrilling…. I just want to fly!