Week of Firsts…

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This week has been an eventful one. I have, as you will have read been (for want of a better phrase) “bricking it” over the exams required to pass the PPL course. It would seem however that I have been worrying for no reason, I took “Air Law” yesterday and, it was not as difficult as I had expected. 16 multiple choice questions and 35 minutes in which to answer them.

I have continually been told that although there are 4 answers to choose from, 1 will be completely wrong, 1 will be slightly wrong and the remaining two will be similar… but worded to catch you out – and they are. With some revision and a good understanding of the subject and some last minute cramming with Jason – I nailed it, and when I say nailed it, I mean properly 100% nailed it. Which I am VERY pleased with. All that stress, all that worry all that panic… for no reason! If you’re doing your PPL and approaching your exams too… you shouldn’t stress either, at least, not over Air Law.

Here’s my advice for what it’s worth: Get a couple of practice paper books (I have the Pooleys variety) and subscribe to either (or both) PPL Cruiser and PPL Tutor – my preference is PPL Tutor as they have a very good Android and iPhone app and then, whenever you have a few minutes, do a practice exam. Either of the services are going to set you back around £20 – £30 but its worth it, at least this far it is.

So the first first for this week was taking my first exam in 22 years. The second first came as a bit more of a surprise. I was hoping that I would be signed off to fly solo this week and took the opportunity to get in with Capt. Mark Phillips as he is an “Unrestricted Flight Instructor” meaning he can say whether a student may fly solo or not. I was hopeful he would say at the end of our hour in the air that I could, on my next lesson, if I so wished fly Solo, you know, give me time to prepare time to think about it, time to get worked up… but I should have known. Mark doesn’t work like that. He is a clever bloke. He knew that if I had time to think about it, I would OVER think it. I would work up to being so nervous my first solo flight would be terrible. So, he just sent me off on my own… off to do one circuit solo, without any time to think about it at all, so the next time I do it I’m going to be calmer, more collected and a better pilot for it. You have to hand it to him, 18 years the instructor, he knows his stuff!

So here it is then, the highlights of my eventful (and quite brilliant) day.