Which is cooler?

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There are few things in life that are just so cool, you want to share them with the world. Flying is well up there of course but for me, I have to be honest, not quite at the top of the list.

This weekend was an eventful one, not just because GoflyUK hosted an epic party consisting of some £404 of Domino’s pizza (which I missed) but also because I hosted and worked at my 18th Young Carers Festival.

A young carer is a person aged 7 to 17 who has a care responsibility beyond their maturity. They could be caring for a sibling with a disability or a parent with a substance misuse issue. Whatever their situation at home, these courageous young people do things that you and I would struggle to cope with. They, more than anyone are an inspiration.

This weekend, instead of flying, studying for my last exam or joining everyone for an outstanding amount of pizza, I was at the 2018 Young Carers Festival, in a field in Hampshire… and you know what? I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. Its the only weekend that many of the young people that gather there get away from their adult responsibilities, it’s their only weekend away they get to be their age… and for the last 18 years I have loved every moment. I have given something back and seen how the tiny amount of work I do to help put this weekend on, makes such a huge difference to the lifes of these young people.

In our modern, developed country, there are over 175000 young carers, a hidden army who never complain, never protest, they just get on with caring for their loved ones. I am so proud to be part of the team that gives them a weekend of joy… a few short hours where these brilliant young people can dream a million dreams together.

Check out the film of the weekend right here and please, if you think its cooler than flying, do share it with everyone you know. the more people who know of this incredible weekend, the more help these kids will get to look after the ones they love.

Thank you.